Best night of my life
It all started with a phone call. it happened a month ago on my birthday day. I turned 30 years old so my friends thought I need something special. And it was the test birthday gift I ever got in my life.

Around 8 pm I got a phone call from my best mate. He told me to meet him in Central London, in Mayfair Club. Also, he specified to be dressed smart.

Of course, I arrived at 7:30, all dressed up and looking my best. I was excited and nervous in the same time. The place was a nice hotel with an amazing pub. It was exactly what you could expect from a fancy pub in London.

After 5 minutes all of my friends arrive with a huge bottle of champagne and with an invitation.
We started drinking and soon after I opened that invitation. I was way too curious. The invitation was to a private party in a club. And not any club, a select one, as they keep repeating me.

I was so curious I couldn’t wait. Even the expensive champagne didn’t seem appealing anymore. I wanted to go to that private club and experience the best night of my life, as my friends promised me. I could see how excited they were and how hard they were trying to show their enthusiasm to get there. You could tell it was something majestic.

So, i took the initiative and told them I want to leave the Mayfair area and go to another part of London, to the secret club. They decided it was time so they put a tie on my eyes so I could not see anything and put me in a car. After 30 minute driving we arrived.

I arrived to a majestic place. A club with red velvet curtains where the bouncer was a sexy lady dressed in a man suit, very sexy.
She gave me a glass of champagne and walked me through the room. It was the heaven on earth. The room was full of classy ladies, I would say they were high class London escorts. But it didn’t really matter, to be honest. They way they made me feel was unbelievable. They made me feel like I was a god and all was about me. I could asked for anything and they will give it to me. That’s the feeling that you get when you are surrounded by all these classy ladies. All were dressed majestic. All were high heels and nice outfits. All was impeccable, even their hair and perfume. Not a single detail was left out.
You would have a lady who were dressed in a amazing dress, then another in a sexy lingerie, then another in classy suit and so on….I was speechless.
I won’t go much further in details, because in the end it is a secret club and what happens there stays there. But what can I say is that almost all my dreams came true that night.
That little secret club from London gave me the best night of my life and the best birthday ever. I could never thank my friends for that amazing night.
For sure I will never forget, and never will they.